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Why should I hire California Claims Consultants?

Rick A. Simmons worked many years as an adjuster for a major insurance company. Rick knows the ins and outs of the insurance claim process. He knows how the companies work from the inside. You now have the chance to use this inside knowledge to benefit you in your claim.

Other associates of California Claims Consultants must also demonstrate this high level of experience and knowledge. We seek out only the most experienced people in the insurance adjusting industry to work with us. Many people have benefited greatly from the combined talent and experience of California Claims Consultants!

How will you protect your rights under the insurance policy unless you know what your rights are? Have you read your policy? Did you understand it? All of it? You probably know somebody that was surprised to have the insurance company deny a claim or pay less than they expected. It happens all the time. You can’t take a chance with something as important as your home and personal belongings.

California Claims Consultants knows exactly what you are entitled to. We handle claims every day. This is all we do. We are experts. We will protect your rights and get you everything you are entitled to. Often, we get more than even the insured ever expected or hoped for.

Peace of Mind
When you hire California Claims Consultants to handle the numerous details of you claim, you are freed from the burden. After a fire, life must go on. Many people work, kids go to school, and chores must be done. With California Claims Consultants handling your claim, you will have the time to focus on your family’s emotional and physical needs instead of spending countless hours trying to put together an insurance claim.

California Claims Consultants is a company of people who care.
We are there when you need us most!

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