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Won’t the Insurance Company Handle My Claim?

Sure. They hope you will let them.
The insurance company representatives will probably tell you that you don’t need California Claim Consultants to help you. They will tell you that they will handle the whole claim for you, and that it is their job to help you. Letting the insurance company handle your claim is a lot like letting the IRS prepare your tax return. Would you trust the IRS to be honest and tell you about deductions you forgot too take? No! You save receipts all year, you document your deductions, you stay in control of you money!

Why would you let the insurance company decide how much they should pay you? They have a financial interest in the outcome. Remember, every dime they pay you is less profit for them. Would you trust them to be fair and point out all the little things that you forgot to claim?

The adjuster assigned to your claim is paid by the insurance company. The adjuster’s loyalty is to the company, not you. The company wants to keep its money, and you want to be paid the full value of your entire claim. These are opposite interests. It is a conflict of interest for the adjuster to even try to represent both you and the insurance company. You need to be represented by somebody whose only loyalty is to you. You need California Claim Consultants.

What if I wait to see what the insurance company offers before I hire California Claim Consultants?

If you were charged with a crime would you wait to see if you were convicted before hiring an attorney? Of course not, you need an attorney to control the entire process, from beginning to end, to ensure the most favorable outcome.

You have the obligation of presenting and proving your claim to the company. The way it is presented can affect the outcome. Insurance adjusters form opinions about the value of a claim from the very first day. They are trained to look for ways to save money. Once the insurance company has control of your claim the damage is done.

Often, the insurance adjuster will recommend certain “preferred contractors.” These contractors get most of their work from insurance companies, and they must keep the companies happy. They are there to save the company money. Why else would the company bring them out? If there is a dispute, it’s you against them. They are a team.

It is important that we are there as your team from the beginning. We will show the insurance company the claim from our perspective, before they form their opinions. We have the technical knowledge to show them the full extent of the damage, and to show them what is necessary for the repair. We will give them a complete inventory of all personal property that was damaged or destroyed, not just the major items that you can easily remember. You need California Claims Consultants to help you now!

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