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You’ve had a Fire, Now What?

You have just suffered through a fire. This is one of the most difficult things you have ever experienced. You are probably wondering where you are going to live and what clothes you will wear tomorrow. Next come the questions about rebuilding your home and replacing your personal belongings. The answer is in your insurance policy.

While an insurance policy can never replace memories and sentimental items, it is there to protect you from financial disaster. You purchased an insurance policy for exactly this reason. Your policy is a legal contract. Your insurance company has a legal obligation to pay you for your loss. Your claim will be paid. The only questions are; how much will they try to pay you, and how much do they really owe you?

Insurance is a business. A cold business. Like all businesses, insurance companies exist to make a profit. When you go to work you try to earn as much as you can, but you spend as little as you have to when you buy things. Your goal is to keep as much of you money as you can. Insurance companies are the same. They accumulate as much as possible from the insurance premiums they collect, and they pay as little as they have to on claims. By doing this, insurance companies have accumulated billions and billions of dollars in cash. Your claim will be assigned to an adjuster who is paid by the insurance company to scrutinize your claim. The adjuster's job is to protect the company's assets, not give away money!

Enter California Claim Consultants. We are Public Insurance Adjusters, licensed and bonded. Our function is to be your personal adjusters. We have the training and experience necessary to interpret the insurance policy and the law to ensure that you receive every benefit you are entitled to. We only represent you. We professionally prepare the claim and then negotiate it with the insurance company. We will get you the most money out of your claim.

You have a life to rebuild. You don't have the time or experience necessary to do this yourself. We will handle the numerous details for you. This includes everything from accurately evaluating the building damage to preparing a detailed and extensive inventory of your personal property. Most people don't have the time and knowledge to do their own tax return. A fire claim is much, much more complex. Why would you consider doing this yourself? You need professionals on your side. You need California Claim Consultants.

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